Saturday, 29 August 2015

Narrow Road To The Deep North 50

After the riot of colors below, his tomb was simple. A pair of Korean dogs stood guard in front. The Inner Shrine was covered by brass plate and black lacquer. Inside was brighter, pillars decorated with gold foil, and a colorful phoenix. A nearby tree, Jinmenboku, had a human face on the trunk, another, Kanousugi, could make a wish come true. It seemed to have worked for Ieyasu.
Robyn and I were taken hostage on the way out. The monk demonstrating the 15-meter Crying Dragon on the ceiling of the Yakushido only spoke Japanese. But he spoke it roughly, and we had to wait for him to bang his clapper sticks under the dragon, the echo produced that resonated like a bell (rather than the roar of a dragon), and a long lecture he was determined to deliver in its entirety, before we could be liberated. 

                                      ‘The number two priest
                                       Looks as if he could do
                                       With a puff or two.’
                                                           Sixty Senryu

I left Robyn briefly, to Let’s beautifully use the rest room. Please neatly arrange and put shoes.
On my way out, I collided with a magnificent white stallion. Before being led around to the sacred stable by his attendant, he shook its head up and down at me, his mane flying a shiver up my spine.

   ‘You are in the desert. You are traveling with 5 animals: A Lion, 
    A Monkey, A Sheep, A Cow, and A Horse.
    It is a long way more to the safety of civilization, and one by 
    one, you are forced to release each animal, until you are left with 
    only one. In what order would you get rid of each animal from \  
    your possession? 
    Rank them and continue on below:
    The desert represents hardship. Each animal represents the 
    following: A Lion – Pride, A Monkey - Your Children, A Sheep 
    – Friendship, A Cow – Basic Needs, A Horse - Your Passion.
    So, in the face of hardship, you will sacrifice each of these things 
    in turn. Your last animal represents that thing which you cling to 
    at the expense of all others.’

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