Friday, 9 October 2015

House of Q to Represent Canada at the Jack Daniel’s Invitational BBQ Championship

And we will be hanging out with, and helping the home team!

How Tom Wolfe Became …

Tom Wolfe.

Can World Literature Exist?

It depends on what is meant by world literature.

Death Destroys a Man; the Idea of Death Saves Him

The Black Mirror: Fragments of an Obituary for Life, Tallis’s strange, brilliant new book.

Death in the Clouds

Part 2, here.

Green Boots

She's in the new book, Stout Men.

Does America Still Want the American Dream?

Another giant mall.

Canadians for a Wall

Reactions from Canadians saying yeah, bring it on.

Many of the Alleged Rules of Writing are Actually Superstitions

Clarity and style are far more important than observing dusty usage diktats.


Towards a classification of tech-induced mental disorders.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A Critic’s Critic Quits His Day Job

George Scialabba is no wild man.

Putin Scores 7 Goals in Hockey Game on 63rd Birthday

And then I thought... who’s going to hip check Vladimir Putin?

‘Fire Beyond the Darkness’

The book I'm writing now.

Harvard Debating Team

Loses to Maximum Security Prisoners. Sweet.

I Did Wonder About This

After glass shatters, petrified tourists rush off transparent bridge over Chinese mountain valley.

Stories of the Southern Sea

Five Weeks.

Why Science Needs Metaphysics

Science can’t tell us whether science explains everything.

Trump as Your Drunk Neighbor

The Flight From Conversation

Replacing face-to-face communication with smartphones is diminishing people’s capacity for empathy.

The Map of Literature

Combines centuries of books and poems in one gorgeous illustration.

Afghan Hospital Bombing

MSF demands investigation under Geneva conventions.