Tuesday, 22 October 2019

The Transformation of Condé Nast

How a media mogul defined class and invented the modern magazine.

A History of Chop Suey

A dish which arrived with the Gold Rush, spread with the railway and endured prohibition was Chinese by origin, but claimed by America.

The Harrowing Hours and Defiant Aftermath...

 ... of the New Zealand mosque shootings.

I’m Convinced We Found Evidence of Life on Mars in the 1970s

The Labeled Release experiment on the Viking mission reported positive results, although most have dismissed them as inorganic chemical reactions.

50 of the World's Best Bread

Not for paleoholics.

Saharan Desert Ants

 Gallop at a blistering 108 body lengths per second.

Understanding the Anthropocene Extinction, Regenerating Cartilage and More...

Autism and touch, a prosthetic that feels and where’s my Lyme vaccine?

Bruce Chatwin Was the Internet Before the Internet Existed

The legacy of the late British writer and journalist shows us how the internet could be — a place where reality is not distorted but enriched by its users.