Thursday, 24 September 2015

Man Builds 'Dog Train' To Take Rescued Pups Out On Little Adventures

Hear that lonesome whistle howl.

Baobab Trees Trace the African Diaspora Across the Indian Ocean

Loved these trees while hitch-hiking in Africa- ate the cream of tartar out of their pods when I ran out of water.

Just There in May


Barbie Wants to Get to Know Your Child

With the help of A.I., America’s most famous doll tries to fulfill a timeless dream —
convincing little girls that she’s a real friend. What will happen if they believe her?

The Microbe-scope

The contagiousness of microbes and pathogens.

American Novels Everyone Should Read

What everyone agrees are US fictions most worth favouriting.

History’s True Warning

How our misunderstanding of the Holocaust offers moral cover for the geopolitical disasters of our time.

The Dimming of the Light

French thought once dazzled the world. Where did it all go wrong?

The Emperor's Moral Narcissism

An unusual demographic distortion.