Thursday, 13 April 2017


Ban has reduced the number of heart attacks and strokes in New York. 

The Blood of the Crab

Can this creature that's been around since the dinosaurs be saved?

What in the World Is Causing the Retail Meltdown of 2017?

The reasons go far beyond Amazon.

Mark Greif on our Dishonest Times

We’re in a culture with very few real friends, and an enormous number of unctuous sales people who will adopt the language of friendship, care and help.  

The Key to Writing a Pulitzer Prize-Winning Story?

Get emotional.

She’s 82.

Before this, she was running her family gyoza restaurant, where she has worked since she was 19, but when her husband died, she wanted to try something new.

Where does Canada’s Accent Come From

Utterly unique and the product of singular forces.

Facial-recognition Software

Diagnosing genetic disorders.

Why You Should Aim for 100 Rejections a Year


Love this Game


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