Saturday, 17 October 2015

I Think We're Screwed.

Mars with Guitars

Against Wunderkinds

How late bloomers are leading a revolt against the cult of the literary prodigy.

Good Ole Boy, Johnny Cash

Hard times. No more naked women. Playboy Interview of Johnny Cash.

What Happens when Sherlock Holmes Retires?

When the world's greatest detective decides to keep bees.

The Paranoid, Supremacist Roots of the Stabbing Intifada

Knife attacks on Jews in Jerusalem and elsewhere are not based on Palestinian frustration over settlements, but on something deeper.

The Places We Read

On solitude and the reading habits of writers.

Utopias, Past and Present

Why Thomas More remains astonishingly radical.

Friday, 16 October 2015

In Search of the Literary South

Beginning next Tuesday.

The Unemployed Life of a Professional Writer

Just down the road.

The History of a Taboo

The story of how pigs became the world’s most divisive meal.

Welcome to a New Planet

The earth is reaching its tipping point.

Saving Mesopotamia

This expedition took place in the beginning of the ISIS  destruction of Palmyra,  and the beheading of it's chief archaeologist.

Gershwin and Bernstein


The ‘Holy Grail of Western Americana’

Like in Wagon Days.

Does Justin Trudeau have the Experience to Lead a G7 Nation?

And why would that stop a deranged entitled population from electing him?

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Why Twitter’s Dying

And What You Can Learn From It.

Stendhal Syndrome

Everyone becomes afflicted in Florence. Whole chapter in Between the Cartwheels.

Personal Hero

The Very Great Alexander von Humboldt.

Elderly People Look At Their Younger Reflections

Beautiful Photo Series By Tom Hussey.

Suspended Animation

How a 500-year experiment to revive dormant microbes could reveal the secrets to cheating time.

Playing Defense Against the Drones

We’ve managed to create armies of flying robots. Can we control them?

Customer Service

As it really is.

The Difference between Christopher Columbus and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

ISIS doesn't have dogs.

Cult of the cosmic

How space travel became the unofficial religion of the USSR.

The World Beyond Your Head

On Becoming an Individual in an Age of Distraction.

How Reading Joseph Conrad has Changed with the Times

Many different aspects of his work have been revealed.

The Drone Papers

A glimpse into Obama’s drone wars.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Why Is Physics Beautiful?

The answer likely lies within us

An Isolated Tribe Is Emerging From Peru’s Amazonian Wilderness

Like Tictac and Papa Smurf in Stout Men.

Ecotourism May Negatively Affect Animals

Ask Walter Palmer.

California is Toast

Why Even a Powerful El NiƱo Won’t Fix the Drought.

Running for President Isn’t Brain Surgery

But better a neurosurgeon than an unskilled 'community organizer.'

Jupiter Is the Best Planet

Not counting Earth.

History is Literature

It's a form of Narrative Non-fiction. That's my baby.

The American Dream Died a Long Time Ago

We release fish downstream for work, the bankers and lawyers catch them upstream for fun.

Tu Youyou

How Mao’s challenge to malaria pioneer led to Nobel prize.

Monday, 12 October 2015

John Clare's Heirs

The Enduring Reach of a Rural Poet.

Where's Your Rich Uncle When You Need Him?

Always dreamt of this place.

Wheeze a'comin.

Two weeks away.

Sun Don’t Shine on the Same Dog’s Tail Every Day

But you’d probably never be able to tell online.

Columbus Day

Before it became the New World, the Western Hemisphere was vastly more populous and sophisticated than has been thought.

The New York Times gets Putin/Obama all wrong, again

The best question about American Middle East disasters actually comes from Putin.

By Dynamite or Design

ISIS’s greatest achievement: the destruction of mankind’s heritage.

A Single Thread Wrapped Around Thousands of Nails

Kumi Yamashita uses a single, unbroken thread wrapped around thousands of nails to create stunning portraits.