Thursday, 11 July 2019

In Logic, Inconsistency is the Cardinal Sin, and Consistency the First of the Virtues.

How ad hominem arguments can demolish appeals to authority. 

Sam Shepard Saw It All Coming

The family battles he described foreshadowed our current national crisis.

Bless Us, O Instagram

The social media site has popularized grain bowls, kale smoothies—and a new form of prayer.

Truth and Consequences

Untruth has been spreading with new ease and abandon, and often to undemocratic effect.

‘Siberian Maldives’ is Actually a Toxic Dump

Russian lake that has sparked social media frenzy is full of metal oxides from coal ash.

Cannonball-Eating Spanish Forts

The secret is inside the walls themselves. As I explained in Orion’s Cartwheels.

Well, Well...

Lookee here...