Sunday, 18 October 2015

How Satan Came to Salem

The real story of the witch trials.

Vagrancy in the Park

The essence of Wallace Stevens: Roses, roses. Fable and dream. The pilgrim sun.

Defiant Retort to the Haters

Charles Bukowski's Rules for Writing

Be honest, have a few drinks, and submit everything.

Work Counts

How many have the same education, income, work hours, and commute as you do.

Writers and their Favourite Tools

On pens, pencils, and other fetish objects.

Why You Didn’t See It Coming

When scale confounds our perceptions, stories can clarify them.

The Art of Remembering Your Entire Life

How memory is a writer's greatest ally.

The United States Should Emulate Canada

An admirable and achievable set of policies.