Monday, 9 November 2015

What Memoir Can do that Poetry Can't

 Finding memories buried in words.

Jenny Diski Interview

‘The mediocrity of fiction is really to do with feeling cosy.’

It Appears I have lost my Gift for Math

When I was at M.I.T., I inadvertently got in the express line of the local Stop 'n Shop supermarket with more items than I should have. The clerk didn't break a sweat.
"You're either from Harvard and can't count, or from M.I.T. and can't read."
My Stories of the Southern Sea author reading is this coming Saturday, November 14th, at 2 p.m. (if I remember how to get there).

Religious Children are Meaner than their Secular Counterparts

Who knew.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Sex, Death and Mushrooms

The forest air is sweet and winy with decay.

Need More Like Him

The Clock Ticks On

Steyn on the World.

30 Words And Phrases You Should Never Say

Le Dauphin

Justin Trudeau.

Diary of a First-time Book Tour

On the fine art of not f****** up your reading.

Four More Days

Until Stories of the Southern Sea.

Bad News for Terraforming

Mars's Atmosphere Is Lost in Space.

What’s Your Story?

The psychological power of narrative.

The World's Slowest Rube Goldberg Machine