Saturday, 27 June 2015

What a Friend We Have in Jizōs 33

‘Once upon a time, there was Ojiisan, an old man and Obaasan, his wife. They were poor, but they had a kind heart. They lived a simple life in the countryside. On a New Year’s Eve, They did not have enough food. They wished they could eat at least rice cake on New Year’s Day. So Ojiisan went into town and tried to sell the handmade straw hats, but no one was interested in it on busy New Year’s Eve. Meanwhile, it began to snow and got dark, so he went back home. He felt sorry for his wife. He didn’t want to spend a New Year without any food. On his way home, he found the six Jizo, a statue of Japanese god. They were covered with snow. Ojiisan thought ‘’It looks very cold. I want to do something for them.’’ So he cleared the snow off and gave them his straw hats. He put it each Jizou but one less. So he gave his old towel he wore and put it. He thought ‘’they are OK now. Have a happy new year!’’In his home, he told to Obaasan about the Jizou. She said ‘’ you did the right thing. I am proud of you’’ At midnight, Ojiisan and Obaasan were awakened by a strange noise outside. They were scared. The noise stopped, they peeped through the door. Then, they saw an unbelievable sight. There were the 6 Jizou and they left a lot of things for New Year, bags of rice, fish, vegetables, and money. These were rewards from Jizou. Ojiisan and Obaasan deeply appreciated their gift. 
They lived happily ever after.’

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