Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Orion's Cartwheel 3


Def.   The short, thick first or most preaxial digit of the human hand,
         differing from the other fingers by having two phalanges and  
         greater freedom of movement.

Sam and Millie sat at the picnic bench above the shack, on a hill overlooking Otama beach. It was long after their New Zealand bedtime, and they were gazing up at the southern constellations. The Milky Way threw a sash of light across the firmament. A little morepork owl hooted in the tree ferns beside them.
“What’s that one, Uncle Wink?” Asked Millie.
“Oh, that one. You call it ‘The Pot’.” He said.
“What do you call it Uncle Wink?” Asked Sam.
“It has several names, depending where you live in the world.” He said. The ancient Greeks called him ‘Orion’.”
“Does he have a story?” Millie asked.
“Oh yes, Millie. He has a story.”
 For once, his niece and nephew sat still.

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