Thursday, 10 April 2014

Obama and I are heading to Japan. I’m paying.

Dearest Refugees,

It’s only reasonable. I’m going to acquire experience and knowledge for my new book, Samurai Road. He’s going to have dinner at the Imperial Palace. I’ve requested an invitation but, so far, only vast void infinite.
For the next two weeks, while I travel the Land of the Rising Sun, there will be no blogging. When I return there will be no more posted excerpts of Stories of the Southern Sea. Your refuge in my Pacific ponderings can continue, but it is only fair, since you’ve obviously enjoyed so much of it so far, that you take the plunge, and pay for the rest of the narratives.

(It’s the price of a fancy coffee. Swallow. For those of you who are still too poor or too frugal, you can dial in to chapters of Westwood Lake Chronicles over on Wattpad).
When I relight the blogfires, my plan is to serialize Orion’s Cartwheels, the first book of my five-year hitchhiking trip around the world. And then Wagon Days, the search for Old West authenticity, which I hope to finish and release by mid-summer. Get comfortable. Wish me luck. Support your sages.

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